Fibromyalgia: Myths And Facts

The disease carries so many myths along with it that many people have wrong information about it. This blog is going to clear the air related to fibromyalgia.

The suffering is mental:

This is one of the biggest myths about fibromyalgia. Actually, this notion comes from the historical root of the disease. The term itself was coined in 1980s. Before that patients were told that the pain is actually a mental though rather than an existing pain. Later, this was recognized as a chronic disease of the soft muscle tissue. The problem is there from the ancient time when man had started walking straight. Lifestyle and genetics can result in foot bio-mechanics that is faulty. It is now included in the classification of diseases by the World Health Organization. By proper fibromyalgia treatment, one can get rid of pain.

Fake pain:

Fibromyalgia is a disease that can only be felt by the patient. There is no physical change where the pain is. In this case doctors get confused about the pain and take it for a mental situation. But in reality, soft tissue injuries do happen but these spots do not necessarily show any changes. That is why it is hard to detect the disease. However, expert healers of Bowen therapy and this disease can detect the pain and help patients get cured.

The patient cannot have sex:

This is another myth about the disease. The pain in the soft tissue can easily be such that the patient may not want to involve in sexual activity. Actually, the severity of the pain affects the mood to have sex. But if the partner understands enough, there is no reason to not have sex. It just requires the partner to understand the state and requirements of the patient. With the help of the love and understanding patients’ suffering from fibromyalgia the patient gets the interest back in sex and they can involve in sexual activity without any problem.


This is as true as in any other diseases. By maintaining a proper diet, a patient can reduce the severity of pain to a great extent. Simple carbohydrates are really toxic for people suffering from fibromyalgia. They can definitely use all the substitute of sugar, like stevia. It is very important to know what you are eating. Always stay away from foods with MSG. Processed foods can give nightmares to many patients suffering from fibromyalgia.


This disease is often confused with fibromyalgia due to the similarity of the symptoms. But these two are completely different diseases. Actually, lupus can be the cause fibromyalgia. Around 30% of the patients suffering from lupus develop fibromyalgia. Patients of fibromyalgia very rarely develop lupus.