Air Abrasion Techniques For Effective Tooth Cleaning

Many people hesitate to visit their dentist as they fear the pain and discomfort that comes with their teeth being worked upon with different tools. Usually the standard tooth care regime that doctors follow comprises of removing plaque and tartar. However, there are modern techniques in use, which ensure that patients experience no discomfort when such treatment is being performed.

What is air abrasion dentistry?

This is a form of dentistry technique used by orthodontics Armadale or dentists which removes the use of standard drilling tools. Whether portions of tooth need to be removed or decay needs to be cleaned away, air abrasion tool works by air pressure. This tool highly minimizes the discomfort that many feel and the fear they have when they expect hand held tools being worked upon their teeth.

How it works?

When it comes to air abrasion tools used in a dental clinic, small particles made of silica, aluminum oxide and other components are sprayed on the tooth. The tool is powered by compressed gas or air. As the small particles hit the tooth surface, the materials are removed from the areas of decay. This helps in filling in cavities by synthetic resins. When there are deep cavities that are near the root of the tooth, it becomes difficult to work in such areas with a drilling tool. In such cases air abrasion tools become effective. It can also work wonders in removing stains, exposing cavities and decay below the fluoride covering of teeth. Visit 

Benefits of air abrasion techniques

This kind of drill less dentistry offers more comfort to patients and hence, it has steadily gained popularity. Also, as compared to traditional methods, air abrasion dentistry takes less time to deal with the usual problems. There is no grating noise as well, which often causes anxiety in people. There is pressure as drilling tools create which often leads to tooth vibrating or becoming hot. In air abrasion techniques, there might be grit like substance that accumulates in the mouth when a dental procedure is on. Also protective eye gear is also worn as well as protective material inserted over the gums and teeth, which protects the mouth from the sprayed substances. With such precautions and the efficacy of the method, modern dental clinics offer a more pleasant, fast and painless procedures for common dental problems. If you wish to know the kind of methods used in a dental clinic before visiting, you could ensure by calling at the clinic or looking up their website. However, the right method is usually decided by the dentist as per the kind of problem to be addressed.