4 Reasons Why You Should Be Quitting Smoking

Out of all the products offered for sale in the market, the one thing that ultimately ends up killing you is cigarettes. When you look at the big picture in relation to this product, it is that you are simply paying to kill yourself slowly and painfully. So here are some reasons why you should be quitting on this if you are also one of the many users of this product.

Hold on to your mentality

There are so many negative effects smoking creates starting from lung cancer, heart diseases and whatnot. In addition to that studies have also found that even though during old age the lag in memory is natural, amongst smokers this process is five times faster. When you smoke your arteries go through a vicious cycle of damage and destruction that even increases the probabilities of a stroke, clotting, mental decline and whatnot. So, if you want to avoid this product from killing you inside out it is best to try stop smoking hypnotherapy that will help you reach a state of sobriety from smoking!

Prevent suffering from lupus

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation, tissue damage and whatnot throughout your body. It could get as severe as death, since it happens on the inside between your own cells. Though there are non-smokers who already live with this disease, amongst smokers there is an increased risk and the symptoms could get severe. So to reduce the possibilities of suffering from this disease, it is best that you try to overcome this addiction through right counselling newcastle nsw and making an effort to turn over a new leaf for the best of outcomes!

Minimize sudden death amongst infants

With infants the reality is that their organs and systems aren’t as developed as adults. Therefore, even the smallest thing could affect them negatively. Researchers have found that over 17% of sudden deaths of these infants has been primarily because they shared a bed with a mother who smoked. So the safest thing to do is to quite smoking once and for all. After all, losing your baby is much more painful than a half-used cigar!

Prevent going blind

There is definitely nothing worse than not being able to see, especially if you have been having perfect sight all your life. Adapting to that darkness is really hard in every way. However, if you were to quit smoking, you can prevent the chances of going blind before time. Researches have also found that this age related muscular degradation is four times faster amongst smokers. Thus resulting in the negative effects of old age kicking in earlier and in the worse of ways. Quit smoking today and do not only yourself but everyone else around you a favour!